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The Third Party Action Over Insurance problem for NY Contractors and Commercial Property Owners

So why are some NY Contractors General Liability policies cheap, and others ridiculously expensive? What is a Contractor or Commercial Property owner to do? Over the past 20 years, third party action over claims are on the rise and the payouts are huge. The issue generally arises when a contractor is hired for a renovation or construction project in a building and one of the... Read Article

Do Contractors and Landlords need Action Over Coverage?

third-party-over action A type of action in which an injured employee, after collecting workers compensation benefits from the employer, sues a third party for contributing to the employee's injury. Then, because of some type of contractual relationship (Risk Transfer Agreement)¬†between the third party and the employer, the liability is passed back to the employer by prior agreement. It is particularly important that New York Property... Read Article