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  • Annemarie Bonventre-Tavella
    ...great company.

    “I have my business policy (mason) and my personal policy along with my health insurance thru LPL Insurance which I am very happy with – customer service is always on top of everything and friendly – they shop my policies every year without me asking them too – great company.”

  • Courtney Calandra
    Diligent and honest customer service.

    “I have been using LPL Risk management for over a year now, and I am very pleased with the company! They are always responsive and easy to communicate with. Diligent and honest customer service.”

  • MA
    One word INTEGRITY!

    “One word INTEGRITY! Several years ago a friend recommended I meet with Anthony @ LPL to review my business liability insurance. He took the time to review the paperwork and had me stay with what I had. Anthony felt that I was well protected and his company couldn’t do any better for me. The following year I bought a new car and had him give me a quote, once again his integrity came first. He made several suggestions and insisted I return to the broker I used to write the policies. The service he provided was second to none and I wasn’t even a client. Needless to say the next time a policy came up I insisted he write it. He now handles my business liability, workers comp, home, auto and umbrella insurance policies. Have him review all your policies; if he can’t help you at least you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you are well protected with what you have.”

  • SA
    ...I’ve always felt confident that LPL has me covered.

    “As a customer of LPL for almost 10 years I’ve always felt confident that LPL has me covered. Whether it was a billing, claim, or coverage question, the answer was always just a phone call away. As with other claims I’ve had in the past, my recent Sandy Claim was painless. No one wants to have a claim but things happen and luckily I have an agent that has repeatedly shown me anything can be handled quickly and professionally. I was blown away by the way my claim was handled. I like knowing I don’t have to think about my insurance. They have it covered.”

  • MR
    I highly recommend LPL insurance...

    “PL Risk Management has been handling my personal and business insurance needs for several years now. I love their personalized service, prompt assistance, and their diligent care in making sure I’m getting the best value for my money. In just my first year of switching to their agency, I saved over $4000 on my business insurance and had better coverage! You can’t beat that. I trust them and value their integrity. I highly recommend LPL insurance – and have recommended them to many of my family, friends, and clients. Thank you!”