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Top ten reasons to buy Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

My name is Anthony Pomilla, President of LPL Risk Management. Our goal is to provide sound Risk Management techniques to help our clients save money, protect their business, clients and employees. EPLI coverage is an important part of that. Here are some good reasons: 1. EPL covers not only actual but also alleged acts of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and other similar acts. 2.... Read Article

The Peat Moss Fire Hazard

Peat moss, a common organic ingredient in potting soil and soil conditioning products, presents a fire hazard under certain conditions. Gardeners prize the ability of peat moss to hold moisture for use by plants. The presence of peat moss in planters and flower beds provides a flammable medium in many homes which may not be considered until a fire begins. With an ignition temperature of... Read Article

The Right Insurance for Apartment Building Owners

As anyone can probably guess, owning a residential rental property can be both personally and financially rewarding. But it can also be just as risky as Rock Climbing, especially if you’re new to the game. And without the right apartment building owner’s insurance, landlords can face serious financial harm if something goes wrong. Some perils are more obvious like slip and falls and water pipe... Read Article

Why Restaurateurs Need Business Insurance

Hot surfaces. Sharp knives. Foodborne illnesses. Patrons coming and going on a daily basis. Restaurant owners face a multitude of risks that are specific to your industry. And that’s in addition to the typical concerns most small businesses must prepare for like property damage to your premises or loss of important customer, vendor, or employee files and records. Learn about the small business insurance coverages... Read Article

Why buy car insurance from an independent agent?

Why buy car insurance from an independent agent or broker? Independent agents have local offices in your community, but unlike captive agents, they don’t represent one single company. Instead they represent you, the customer, and work with many different providers to get the most competitive prices. Insurance brokers do business the same way but are often part of larger brokerage companies. Dozens of insurers sell... Read Article